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    Google Nexus 7 Replacement: The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" Tablet

    In early 2017, the Google Nexus 7 that came with my Google Fiber installation started having battery charging problems.  Though I had read that the problems could have been a caused by a lollipop related bug, I decided to it was time to retire the Nexus 7, as it had served me well for about 4.5 years.

    After doing some online research, I decided to replace it with a certified refurbished Galaxy Tab 8 from Amazon.com (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 16GB (Wi-Fi), Smoky Titanium (Certified Refurbished)).

    I have been using the The Samsung Galaxy Tab A for nearly a year now, and I am very pleased with the tablet.  As a replacement for the Nexus 7, the Galaxy Tab 8 does not fit in my hand as comfortably as the Nexus 7, but that has been the only minor disadvantage, and I have gotten used to it over time.  I also purchased a small stand for it from Amazon.com

    As I wrote in "The Google Nexus 7: A Matter of Convenience", I still primarily use the tablet for streaming video, and the Galaxy Tab A has been great for that purpose.  I also use it for surfing the net and e-mail notifications from my websites, so I am by no means a power user.

    What I appreciate most about the Galaxy Tab A is the quality and feel.  As with the Google Nexus 7, It feels like a durable finished product.

    For example, later in 2017, I bought another tablet from Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inch, primarily to use for photo editing and posting photos to Instagram.

    While the Galaxy Tab S2 S2 9.7" is larger, it does not have the same quality feel as the Galaxy Tab A. While some may appreciate the thinner design, it has a cheaper, more delicate feel to me.

    One example of this would be that the Galaxy Tab A has a labeled latch covering the microSD slot, while the Galaxy Tab S2 just has a small hole to insert a tool, paper clip, etc, to access the microSD slot area.

    So, even though the Galaxy Tab S2 S2 9.7" is larger and more powerful, I still prefer the Galaxy Tab A as my go to tablet for everyday use.

    Everyone has a different reason for purchasing a tablet, so my goal in this post is not to go into the tablet technical specifications, but rather share my overall impression of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" after a year of use as a Nexus 7 replacement.

    I am very satisfied!


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