A Homesteader Says Goodbye | Railroad Alaska

71 year old offgridder Dan Mawhinney has decided that, after 41 years living far from society, it’s time to sell his remote cabin, which is a 4 hour hike from his...

A Man Named Pearl

The video above is the trailer for the "A Man Named Pearl" documentary. I've seen two versions of this documentary; one on HGTV and one on Super Soul Sunday, on OWN. The...

Oprah on What Creativity Means to Her

Oprah shares what she believes about creativity. What does it mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Star Trek The Next Generation Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

While browsing though the Star Trek Next Generation episodes on, I realized that I had not seen as many of the original episodes as I thought, so some of the...

Star Trek: Time Travel/Alternate Reality Episodes

Although the original Star Trek is still my favorite of the tv series franchise, in the age of the internet, I find myself watching it less than some of the others....

Madea Meets Sofia: The Search for OWN

While driving around looking for OWN, Madea encounters Sophia walking along side an old dirt road and asks her for help finding OWN!

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