netpressions follows the Chant ‘s Daily Hustle YouTube channel.  Chant is a mid 30s serial entrepreneur trying to make it in the business world. Chant arrived in the US from Laos when he was 5 years old, and grew up poor.

Growing up, Chant always felt like he never fit in anywhere. As a troubled kid in high school, he dropped out, so he could work. Years later, he quit everything that was not good or healthy for him, and focused on his DREAMS.

Chant now lives in Jackson, MN with his wife and two young sons.  Through his Vlogs, you can follow his journey.

Below, are some of the videos from his vlog.

Chant buys a new business

Some of Chant’s landscaping projects

Some of Chant’s photography and drone footage

The videos above are just a sample of what you will find on Chant’s channel.  I’ve found his journey and the effort he puts into his vlogs to be very inspirational.  You can follow Chant on his YouTube Channel below:

Chant’s Daily Hustle

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