Thursday, December 7, 2023

Review Type
TV Show
Lots of potential!

I saw a lot of commmercials for the Citidtel before its debul April 28th debut! I watched the first two episodes now available on Amazon Prime, and, though Citadel looks like the type of series I usually enjoy, it is not exactly what I expected based on the commercials.

Before its debut, I had the series labeled as sci-fi/Fantasy and Action Adventure on the site. Though it is a spy show that features some advanced technology, I would not describe it as sci-fi – right now.

I like spy shows, and, after watching the first two episodes, I am looking forward to seeing more! There are lots different directions that the show can take, so I am still not ruling out a possible sci-fi fantasy element in upcoming episodes.

If you enjoy spy, action-oriented themes on the order of James Bond or Red Notice, Citidel is definitely worth checking out!