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    • I decided to upgrade netpressionist.com to Newspaper 9 and finally learn how to use the TC Composer.  I use Visual Composer on most of my sites, including netpressionist.com, but I did not have many Visual Composer posts on that particular site, so I decided to go all in with TD composer. I  converted the Visual Composer posts to regular posts, and recreated the netpressionist.com homepage using TD Composer. TD Composer actually isn't too bad,  if you commit some time to using it, and not concentrate on how something would be done differently in Visual Composer.  With that said, I still prefer Visual Composer at this point. With the posts converted and the  homepage recreated, I deactivated the Visual Composer Plugin.  Next, I will explore more of the tagDiv Cloud Templates, and experiment with assigning them to single WordPress posts.          
    • Command-Shift-3 captures a screenshot of the entire screen. Command-Shift-4 turns the cursor into a crosshair where you can capture an area you define. Both methods save the image to your desktop in the .png format.  
    • The file is config.php, located at: library/config.php More information can be found at the following url: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/location-of-xenforo-installation-config-file.63999/

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