One Van Excursion - Two Perspectives: Isabel & Hannah | Life

Hanna has a YouTube Channel and Isablel has a YouTube Channel. Both are creative and spend time in nature. netpressions follows both YouTube Channels.

As it turns out, Hannah and Isabel are close friends, and during a recent van road-trip, Hannah visited Isabel and they embarked on a van excursion together, in Hannah’s van.

The videos on this page are their video expressions of their time spent together during their van excursion, and are posted on their respective YouTube channels. Both videos include time spent in nature, exploring the Oregon coast, and, in one case, hiking up a mountain.

I lead with Isabel’s video because it is more life-reflective in nature. Hannah’s video is below. I find both their YouTube Channels to include inspirational content, and you can find links to both of their channels following Hannah’s video. There is also a link to a netpressions lifestyle blog post that features Hannah’s introduction to cabin life.

Hannah – How to Exist

Hannah’s YouTube Channel

Isabel Paige’s YouTube Channel