30 And A Wake Up YouTube Channel
The Storyteller 4x4 Beast Mode Camper Van: Visually Demonstrating the Module Modes

In this video, Kevin, of the 30 And A Wake Up YouTube Channel gives his viewers a tour of the interior of the Storyteller Beast Mode. He describes the features, like the instrument panel and its components, like the water monitoring system, the true 30 amp Volta system with 12,000 usable watt hours and the Airxcel (controls the heat & AC).

30 And A Wake Up YouTube Channel

What I found most informative was his explanation and demonstration of what Storyteller is known for – modular vehicles. He starts out in what he believes is Work /Dining Mode, and goes on to demonstrate a lounge mode, chill mode, the kitchen features, and the bedroom modes – work mode, garage mode and his favorite: the bathroom.

Kevin always includes informative links on his video pages, and you can find related links on the YouTubel page by clicking the video link above.

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