Friday, June 9, 2023

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Sabai Discuss Q & A: How to style the Question Page in Divi Builder

The following page on the site describes the steps necessary to make the Sabai Discuss Q & A Question Page compatible with the Divi Builder and other page builders.

This site currently uses the Elegant Themes Extra Magazine Theme, and I used the solution on the page below to style the Sabai Discuss Question Page on this site.

How can I style question pages with Visual Composer or Divi Builder?

After following the steps above, I also needed to add The Post Title module above the Text Module that displays the Sabai Discuss Q & A Question Page.  This was necessary to display the Question at the top of the Answers Page.


I ended up using Elementor Pro to style the Sabai Discuss Q & A Question Page.  In Divi Builder, I was unable to figure out a z-index that would allow the Question answerer pop up information to display over the sidebar module, rather than under it.

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